Episode 11: Inspired

Because product management is so broad, we typically do episodes about a specific, narrow skill within the role—that allows us to go deep into what we think matters there. But we always knew we wanted to do one generalist book about PMing. 

Many years ago I read the first version of Marty Cagen’s book Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love, published in 2008. I learned so much from that book! It shaped how I thought about developing product and the core role of product management.

Back when we started the podcast (3 years ago 😳) I recommended to Sandi that we do Cagen’s 2008 book as a great all-up on the role only to find out that he was publishing an updated version specifically geared toward tech product management. 

We read the book in early 2018 when it came out and recorded this episode with gusto only to sit on the recording for a year before publishing 😬

Sorry about that folks! Life happens 😅 I’ve been pretty heads down at Coinbase working on the future of crypto trading & Sandi has been heads down on a few projects including a 👶!

So, we’re back! 🎉

Listen to this month’s episode to learn how to inspire your team and build inspiring products. 

We cover establishing product market fit, how to evaluate your work as a product manager, the difference between product vision & product strategy, how to work cross functionally and more!