Episode 9: Hacking Growth

Show notes:

Growth determines survival for most startups. If you aren’t increasing revenue, users, or time in-app, you’re probably being overrun by a competitor that is poised to take all your market share or future investors.

But what helps product people drive growth in their companies?

It’s not a series of hacks or tricks, though many successful growth levers can look like clever little tricks in retrospect.

What you can do is set up a team with the right skill set & tools and then task them to experiment as quickly and efficiently as they can to find what works.

In their book, Hacking Growth, Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown lay out exactly what you need in order to do that. They establish what types of companies should form growth teams, common models that work, a playbook for that team, and sage advice on approaching all of this mindfully.

Listen to our podcast, to hear Sandi MacPherson and Anna Marie Clifton discuss which of these tools we’ve personally used in our organizations, if it was successful and what was not, and what we’ve learned from friends at other Bay Area tech companies as well.

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